Ovenroasted Mediterranean veggies
Jammer Mansion
This rather heavy dish goes perfect with a heavy red wine and a light Mediterranean salad
People: 1
35 min


60 grams
Feta Cheese
1 tbsp
Olive Oil
4 tsp
140 grams
Portobello Mushroom
Red Onion
30 ml

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  1. Peel and cut your red onion. All ingredients should have a similar size and shape.
  2. Wash and cut your portobello mushroom so that they all have a similar size and shape.
  3. Grate or slice your feta cheese.

Heating Steps

  1. Spread the Portobello Mushroom and Red Onion, oregano evenly on an oven tray and splash with oil. Set the oven to 200°C/400°F and roast for 30 minutes.

Finishing Touches

  1. Mix portobello mushroom and red onion together in a bowl.
  2. Mix olive oil together in a bowl, then drizzle on top of your salad.
  3. Add Feta Cheese on top.